New Garnet Ave, Remodel

If you havent been by our Pacific Beach shop, Then its time to get down here. After several years of doing great tattoos we needed a bigger space for our artists and customers so we took over 1026 Garnet ave the space next door. so if your looking for San Diego Tattoo Shops please remember to come on by.

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  1. #1T. Starkey @ 2010-5-7 19:38

    Whats good Mike? I had you do smile now and cry later one face on each side of my torso. I will be back in OCT want you to do my back with Mt. Sini and Jesus death with a small twist to it You said you can work with it because I already have a crosss on my back. I had the custom street bike with the spikes and murals all over it. I also what some on both arms. Im thinking 2 to three days of work. work with me on the this thou I kno the standard but lets meet in the middle hit me up. It was about a yr ago.

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