More Women Are Getting Feet Tattoos

With a fast approaching summer just around the corner, many of us are going to be showing more skin, which goes without saying, showing off their tattoos as well! One well-liked area of the body,especially for a smaller tattoo, is that the foot. When it is the season of flip-flops, beach days, and lounging by the pool, what better time is there to feature some cute new ink to one’s foot? There are numerous ways to urge creative with a cool, small foot tattoo!

Tattoos on the top of the foot has been a placement men and women have been getting for the last 20 years but with the popularity of hand tattoos were seeing an influx of feet tattoos, we’re seeing many from women, women love getting tattoos on their feet barefoot or with a stylish shoe, they can show off beautiful artwork or a permanent piece of “jewelry.” Many people will notice your tattoo because it’s openly visible.

Whether someone plans to slip into some strappy heels all summer or will spend most of the summer days with no shoes at all, a foot tattoo are often a very awesome (and permanent) accessory. a brief quote tattoo, an empowering image, or a very simple black and white piece are often expertly placed on the foot and express a touch personality. Foot tattoos also are a well-liked choice for those that want to be ready to easily hide them for work.

A tattoo on the foot is extremely easy to hide . albeit you’re performing at employment where inking isn’t allowed, your tattoo won’t create any problems. Women love foot tattoos thanks to their discreetness.

A tattooed foot quickly grabs attention. a pleasant tattoo on foot are often easily employed by people to realize spotlight during parties. tribal tattoos, traditional tattoos portrait etc..

If you’re looking for something more discreet you can also have it on the side like a name, small heart or symbol. Popular cute foot tattoo designs are flowers, butterflies, quotes, ankle bracelets, and more done in Styles such as Traditional foot tattoos, tribal foot tattoos, portrait foot tattoos,

A foot tattoo grabs attention in the best way. Here are some ideas if you have any questions let us know:

Rose Foot Tattoo

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