Eddie makes his return to the Above All Family after a 12 month tour, Take a look at his work below call or come in the shop so he can design the perfect tattoo for you.

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  1. #1Terri @ 2012-6-19 17:14

    Random Question… Did you used to work at Paradox Tattoo in Playa Del Carmen?

  2. #2Holly @ 2014-1-14 07:43

    Hey, i live in arizona and im coming to san diego this weekend can you email me so i can send you a pic of what i want done so we can discuss pricing? It is not a big piece just a small something for my wrist. Thank you.

  3. #3Faith @ 2014-4-30 21:34

    Good evening,

    I’m looking through the portfolios of artists from every tattoo shop in Southern California that I can find.

    I’m trying to find someone that feels confident in promising something of design like this:


    Again, I plan on altering it, but that is the basic idea. Something beautiful like that, to where when looking at it, you’d swear it to be real.

    The top will start at mid-right deltoid and will be the the outlined face of a man with a combat helmet and dog tags with the date of a death along with the name JERRY to signify a day that changed my life forever.


    I’ll sketch something up, this likely won’t take place too near in the future since I’m going through emergency medicine classes at this moment and I’m working on making a trip home. I’ll be saving up the entire time for this tattoo along with trying to route a trip to get to whichever tattoo artist can promise a good outcome.

    The tricky part, overall, will be that this tattoo is likely going to come in pieces. While I want a sleeve, that’s likely not going to happen. In this military branch, we’re only allowed to get each tattoo the size of our palm. So, I plan on just working my way down my arm, one palm at a time. I’m going to be speaking with my first and second in command, since they’d have to route the chit, on how far down I can go so that I know where it will need to finish, so not to be told I cannot continue with the tattoo only half complete.

    I honestly don’t expect to be allowed to go anywhere passed my elbow since that would be clearly visible in my scrubs.

    Are you confident that you can give grand results on this tattoo and are you able to put up with the trouble of my making two to five trips to your workplace before it is complete?

    Very respectfully,

    – Arrant, Faith

  4. #4Jeremy @ 2015-4-10 21:03

    I post my dog and want a color portrait don’t of her and we las wondering when or how soon can it be don’t I’m will to pay and make all a range mentioned for me and my wife to get on don’t each thank you

  5. #5Yostina Coss @ 2015-9-14 16:09

    Hi Eddie,

    Ive been checking out your work and I really like your portrait work. Theres a piece i want done on my thigh. Its a 3 face portrait of cleopatra, king tut, and nefertiti. Id like it done in black and grey scale i believe, thats only because im not sure how color would look on my skin. I could email you the stlye of the tattoo that I like. Please let me know.

    Yostina Coss

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