Jordon just joined the team at Above All Tattoo, he’s been piercing in Las Vegas for the last 10 years..His goal is to give his customers the best and safest experience while they are in the shop, He is a true master with the needle and is well known and respected within the body piercing community.

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  1. #1Noelle @ 2009-11-4 23:41

    I let my cheek piercings close up and now I want them again D: Is it possible to get them re-pierced in the same spot or will it be a bad ides?

  2. #2Rebecca @ 2010-2-28 17:18

    How much do you charger for dermals?
    I’m thinking of getting four on my hips..

  3. #3Lydia @ 2010-7-17 19:16

    I went here a month ago to get my septum,
    And the piercer was super nice,
    He had a sense of humor
    and he makes you feel confortable,
    next month i plan on getting my monroe done,

    I live in el cajon
    and this shop is like a 40min drive,
    but HAA it’s well worth it 😀

  4. #4Vanessa @ 2010-8-2 16:36

    Hey I’ve seen you a couple times for my septum piercing and would love to come back for more. The thing is that I’m running out of options for piercings because my cartilage won’t take to piercings. My friend suggested getting dermals and I think that would be really cute on my wrist. So my question would be if you do dermals? And if so, how much are they each and do you have diamond ones? Thanks!

  5. #5Tammy @ 2010-8-28 01:43

    My 13 year old daughter wants to get a naval piercing. Can she do it here with my permission?

  6. #6Dazel @ 2010-12-1 15:23

    HI! Just found your site and thought I would drop a line… I love all 6 of my piercings you gave me! Come back soon!

  7. #7Kyrie @ 2010-12-1 18:10

    Hey, I was looking into getting an industrial piercing. I was wondering about how much that would cost. Thank you.

  8. #8Luna @ 2010-12-27 01:04

    How much would it be to get the back of my neck pierced?

  9. #9Keyla @ 2010-12-27 18:21

    I am 16 and I want to get my lip peirced, can i go get my lip peirced their with my moms permission?

  10. #10Diane @ 2011-6-2 21:12

    My 14 year old daughter wants to get spiderbite piercings Can she get it here with my permission?

  11. #11Brittany @ 2011-7-18 02:36

    How old do u hb to be to get a lip piercing. My daughter wants one and she is about to turn 13 she is during to get her right side of the lower lip pierced .

  12. #12kaitlyn @ 2011-11-22 22:57

    I wanna get a nose piercing for my 14th birthday,but everywhere i look they will only do a piercing on your face if your over 15…can you pierce my nose for me????

  13. #13Jasmine @ 2011-12-7 22:33

    I came in July to get a navel piercing, and it was healing up really well until about a month/month and a half ago.

    It’s super sensitive now, and there’s often stuff oozing out from the bottom part of the piercing.

    I’ve taken the jewelry out to clean it (it gets crusty from the ooze /: ) and then put it back in, and it seems to clear up after about a day. But then the same thing starts to happen.

    Idk if it got infected or if the piercing is being rejected /:
    Should I take the jewelry out?

  14. #14megan kreyer @ 2012-1-1 14:55

    hey, how much do u charge for dermals? im thinking about gettin my 2 back dimples pierced.

  15. #15Azael @ 2012-1-30 23:20

    How much would it be to get my ears pierced to get them ready for plugs?

  16. #16Anissa Carreto @ 2012-4-29 11:08

    Hi, I would like to get an ear piercing done at the top and I’m 15. Could i get it done, with my mom’s permission?

  17. #17Jasmine @ 2012-12-29 00:15

    how much is it to get my web pierced?

  18. #18Sandra C. @ 2013-2-12 17:22

    How much would you charge to pierce hips? I want both mine done.

  19. #19Gianna @ 2013-5-7 16:42

    How much does it cost for a belly button piercing?

  20. #20Jenny B @ 2013-5-26 21:40

    Is this the dork Steve pure from Ground Zero?
    Damn it feels good to be ah gangtah..zoxo Jxnny.

  21. #21Samantha @ 2013-9-27 01:08

    Thank you Steve for my awesome dermal on the chest! You did an amazing job..unlike the one I got before, the one you did have me no problems and is already healed nicely!! 🙂

  22. #22tassel earrings @ 2014-1-23 08:33

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about vintage jewelry supplies.

  23. #23Vhairi @ 2014-4-19 01:35

    Hi! How much would it be to get my ears pierced? Just one piercing in each lobe, nothing adventurous! Thanks. 🙂

  24. #24Stephanie @ 2016-10-2 10:45

    Do you have a price list?

  25. #25Virginia Rodriguez @ 2017-3-13 16:23

    How much for a hood piercing or a princess albertina?

  26. #26Bibiana Hernandez @ 2017-4-7 15:13

    Hi! How much does it cost to just get a piercing on my nose on the nostril?

  27. #27Bonnie Mitchell @ 2017-5-1 16:19

    I went in to see the piercer Steve about a month ago. I suffer extreme migraines and wanted to try piercings. I can not say that the piercings have made a difference. But even knowing this, I would do it again. Each person responds differently. Although they didn’t seem to help my migraines, I have since referred a friend there. Steve is the best! My daughter referred him to me and now I refer friends to him.

  28. #28Skyler @ 2017-12-5 18:46

    How much would it be for a nipple piercing, both nipple piercings, nose piercing, and do you have a price list? Specifically for parts of the ear and random body parts

  29. #29Skyler @ 2017-12-5 18:47

    Oh! and how much is a tounge piercing

  30. #30Angelena @ 2018-1-21 17:32

    About how much for a second lobe and daith piercing?

  31. #31Jannice @ 2018-4-7 13:19

    Hi! I would like to get both of my ears pierced and was wondering how much that costs. Also, one of my friends also wants to get her cartilage pierced and would like to know how much that costs. Thank you!

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